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Welcome to My New Music Blog of the American version of the British band 10cc

Singles and song reviews

Godley & Creme

  • The worst album of 1980

    July 22, 2019 by

    Lackluster album of 1980 — Alan’s Album Archives “Change your line of patter, make her laugh not at her” “You’re through gestation so welcome to the world, we’ve still got vacancies just waiting to be filled…” “The starving of the multitudes and feeding of the few, we’re only human and there’s nothing we can do,… Read more

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Here are the articles about this original line-up from 1970 through 1995 you will be interested in reading:

How A Wife’s Question Inspired 10cc’s ‘I’m Not In Love’

‘Thinks…School Stinks!’ (1970)

’10cc’ (1973)

‘Sheet Music’ (1974)

‘The Original Soundtrack’ (1975)
‘How Dare You!’ (1976)
‘Deceptive Bends’ (1977)

‘Bloody Tourists’ (1978)

‘Look, Hear (Are You Normal?)’ (1980)

’10 Out of 10′ (1981)

‘Windows In The Jungle’ (1983)
‘Meanwhile’ (1992)

‘Mirror Mirror’ (1995)

Pre-10cc: 1965-1973, A Guide to Mindbenders, Mockingbirds and Frabjoy and Runciple Spoon!
The sidetrips of Godley and Crème 1977-1988
Non-Album Songs Part One 1972-1980
Non-Album Songs Part Two 1981-2006

Surviving TV Clips, Music Videos and Unreleased Recordings

Solo/Wax/Live/Compilation Albums Part One 1971-1986

Solo/Wax/Live/Compilation Albums Part Two 1987-2014

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